About Us

The Brand

Outlined is a Black-owned and woman-owned stationery brand based in Metro Atlanta, GA. We create vegan leather planners, office essentials, and accessories that offer the perfect blend of style and function! Our products are designed and packaged in our home studio, while most of our paper products are printed locally, with sustainably sourced, acid-free paper!

The Owner

Hi. I'm Shantée, Owner & Founder of Outlined. Some things I love are: my family (I'm a mom of 2 amazing and beautiful boys), where I'm from (Jamaican-born, New York-raised), and all things stationery! My love for planners and stationery began when I was in grade school. I'm an entrepreneur at heart, so when I made my return to the business world (after taking time off and starting a family), it was important for me to do something I was deeply passionate about!

For years, I wanted to create my very own daily planner. Definitely one that's both structured and functional. A physical product, of course, because writing is like therapy for me. Something that would help people overcome procrastination, manage their time, create good habits, and take their lives From Busy to Balanced™. With an educational and entrepreneurial background in fashion, this planner had to be stylish as well! Inspired by all these things in mind, Outlined™ was born!

As I juggle motherhood, work, entrepreneurship, and my personal life, I understand more and more the importance of having good personal organization. I put my all into designing and bringing these products to life. My hope is that our customers will love them just as much as I loved creating them. Even you sitting here reading this means the world to me. Thank you!

Mailing Address

PO Box 956671
Duluth, GA 30095